Product Prices

Product prices on our website are inclusive of VAT.
Princess Cut reserves the right to alter product description or price without prior notice.
Any completed order will be fulfilled according to the product description and price at the time of the order.

Force Majeure

If your order cannot be fulfilled due to extenuating circumstances (severe weather conditions, transport issues etc.) we will get in touch with you using your communication details provided at the time of your order, so as to fulfill your order the best way possible.

Personal Data

User as well as buyer personal data (name, address, email etc.) are considered confidential.
Your personal data are used for the sole purpose of completing your order.

Court Jurisdiction

Princess Cut reserves the right to alter or renew the terms and conditions of transactions on its website and electronic store. All transactions take place according to International and European law regarding issues concerning e-commerce, as well as N.2251/1994 consumer protection law regarding electronic purchases. Any issue that might arise from use or transaction on this website is under the jurisdiction of Thessaloniki courts.

Cookie Policy

Our website uses cookies in order to make it functional first and foremost. Things like order status, saving basket contents etc. cannot function without cookies.
Cookies also help us to make the user experience easier and more customized to our customer needs. They help us in getting a better understanding of how our website and e-shop are used by customers, in order for us to constantly provide a better browsing and buying experience.
Princess Cut has a strict policy regarding user privacy protection.
You can alter your browser settings in order to reject part or all cookies on the website.

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