Princess Cut is an artisanal fashion label focusing on women with distinctive personal style and trendless aesthetic, brought to life by Greek designer Chryssa Kyranou.

Nostalgic for the hedonistic glamour and sense of occasion of the past, we make clothes for modern women who like to dress up for life! Sensual and graceful handmade creations that transcend trends and are meant to be worn over the years and even passed to younger generations.

Elegance is timeless.



Being born into a family that worked in fashion, Chryssa grew up in a slower fashion world, where beauty, individuality and craftsmanship were intertwined as means and end. And she loved it.

She went on to study Fashion Design in Milan at the prestigious Istituto Marangoni. After her years in Milan, she moved to Paris to pursue a degree in Styling at ESMOD Ecole Supérieure des Arts et techniques de la Mode.

She started Princess Cut in 2007, trying to convey her vision for the evolution of haute couture.

A unique and artful blend of Greek romanticism, Italian craftmanship and French subtlety, interpreted as a modern neo-couture aesthetic and experience.



In our search of beauty, quality of materials and level of craftsmanship are of the highest importance.
We take great care in sourcing our fabrics from high quality manufacturers. We maintain the highest standards of quality by keeping the production process entirely in house.

Hours of hand work and attention to detail are put into every garment from skilled artisans, helping to maintain and evolve the art of dress making, while appreciating the value and strengthening the sustainability of such work, with the fair and ethical treatment of our workers and partners.

We only produce according to orders in order to avoid wasteful overproduction. We believe that making a beautiful high-quality garment, that is worn for many years, is our best bet for resource sustainability and environmental balance.
Buy less, buy better!

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